Ashes of Creation drops verbal NDA, triggering deluge of public tester feedback

bears, bears, beaaaaaars

Ashes of Creation may have delayed its Alpha One test until later this summer, but the upcoming MMO isn’t surrendering its voice until then. In fact, Intrepid Studios lifted the verbal NDA for the May alpha test, allowing players to talk about — but not show — their experiences in the game.

Probably the biggest criticism emerging from this discussion is over the game’s combat system, which some testers called “a little clunky” and “not fun nor engaging.”

“I thought combat was fine,” one tester said. “It’s definitely not as satisfying/fun as New World, but that’s an unfair comparison for a few reasons. I would definitely say ‘It’s not quite there yet,’ but can see it becoming solid.”

On the flip side, testers were pretty excited over how the evolving node system worked and had good things to say about the immersive and wide-open world as well as the dedication of the development team. “Things seem as expected for any game this early in development,” another poster said. “Lots of basic stuff that works, lots of things that don’t work but definitely proof that this game seems to be coming along.”

Several testers noted that the game does seem a while out from release, with one saying, “My personal guess is that the game won’t be ready until 2023/2024, but the game is slowly but surely coming along with a lot of the core features coming online.”

Source: Twitter, Reddit
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