Ashes of Creation delays alpha because of ESO Blackwood and WoW Classic Burning Crusade


Oh no! You’ve got a big band-aid on your knee! Let’s quickly rip that puppy off and see what’s underneath it… yeah, just a quick yank and… oh. Bummer. Ashes of Creation just delayed its big Alpha One test from June to July. That’s got to sting.

“Some recent developments have caused me to reevaluate our upcoming test schedules and make some necessary adjustments,” said Creative Director Steven Sharif. “I will be moving the NDA release and the June 1st Alpha One start date to July. I know this is not ideal, and you have no idea how much it pains me to disappoint our community, but it is my responsibility to make these difficult decisions in order to ensure the test is successful.”

So why the delay? Sharif noted that “several new developments” in the past month prompted the team to make the move in order to give it more time to prepare. Some of these developments included moving back into a physical office, the need for additional QA testing, and the launches of both WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade and Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood.

Ashes of Creation extended its refund policy to 90 days for all pre-orders due to the announcement.

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