Old School RuneScape soft-launches clans, prepares for A Kingdom Divided, and announces Jad Challenge winners


This week in Old School RuneScape is a pretty busy one if you consider the the weekly update newsletter coming out of Jagex. As noted last week, the new clans feature has soft-launched with the process of setting up pre-registered clans underway, a wiki entry that outlines clan ranks and titles, and some new chat features to make communication among clanmates easier.

In addition, the latest update has added a quest that allows players to see if they’re fully prepared for June’s A Kingdom Divided quest line. On that subject, the contest that challenges players to make a video summarizing events thus far is officially underway.

Finally, the news bulletin announces the winners of the Jad Challenge, which saw players trying to clear the encounter in the fastest time possible, have been announced, while the rest of the newsletter talks about the usual matters like PvP world rota and some extra adjustments of note. It’s all detailed in the update post.


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