EVE Online teams up with the University of Iceland to offer an online course about digital friendship

Pretty little friendship machine


EVE Online is an MMO that has traditionally struggled to reconcile its massive player-led charity efforts and citizen science initiatives with extreme playerbase toxicity that studio CCP hasn’t always curbed. But CCP is apparently continuing its efforts to improve the game’s image: This time, it’s teaming up with a university to project a message of friendship. Or, at the very least, the spaceship sandbox is being used as the backdrop for an online course provided by the University of Iceland called Friendship Machine: Forming a New Type of Human Connection.

This course seeks to discuss EVE’s concept of “The Friendship Machine,” or to put it another way, the science behind how people forge meaningful relationships and how video games have created a new type of human connection. The online course will offer the first three weeks for free, while the full online course, including the final quiz and course certificate, will set you back $50.

If you’d rather get on with the business of… well, business, the monthly economic report is available for perusal, and fellow MMO blogger Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob has broken it down for you.

sources: press release, official site, The Ancient Gaming Noob
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