Lost Ark KR showcases the Sorceress class and some summertime fun in a preview video


Now that we know for certain that the MMOARPG Lost Ark will be heading to the west this fall, preview footage and announcements from the Korean version of the game have a little bit more excitement to them. While we’re all going to likely miss out on the contents of this summer update from Korea, perhaps there’s always next summer to look forward to.

The video starts off with a far less summery vibe, as it showcases the powerful Sorceress class in action as she lays AoE waste to all sorts of monsters, along with footage of some bosses that appear to dish out some serious hurt. After that, we get some tonal whiplash as dire orchestras are switched to tropical delight and the video offers a look at some in-game events including what looks like some login rewards, a bit of summertime PvP action involving lizard races or freeze ray fighting, and a gorgeous water park location.

There’s not much information that can be gleaned owing to the fact the video is (obviously) in Korean, but there is plenty to look at in the video below. Also make sure to check out our interview with Amazon Games for all you need to know about this upcoming MMO.

source: YouTube, via Reddit
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