Pantheon previews the Monk class and talks about its QA process


You’ve heard a lot about Pantheon and have seen plenty of its screenshots and concept art, but how about taking that next step to watching some class gameplay? Visionary Realms pushed out a huge preview for the Monk, showing off this martial arts class while the developers discuss how it’s designed to function.

“We are talking about a physical, damage-based DPS specialist,” the studio explained. “The Monk excels in high sustained damage. Beyond that, Monks excel in certain special abilities, such as pulling.”

As a bonus, the June developer roundtable brings Pantheon’s quality assurance team  out to discuss the process of weeding out issues and bugs as the game is tested:

Source: YouTube

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I hate to say it but the monk just didn’t look all that exciting to play. Maybe it’s just the pacing (and I actually prefer slower-based play) but the video failed to stoke any interest in playing this class for me.