Path of Exile’s next expansion arrives July 23 as the devs prepare with a livestream and an engine update


Grinding Gear Games is starting to spin up the hype drives for the next expansion to Path of Exile, which readers will recall was first alluded to in the beginning of June. The devs will be holding another livestream that’s all about the new expansion this coming Thursday, July 15th, at 4:00 p.m. EDT, which promises to provide new content reveals followed by a live Q&A. As for the expansion itself, it’s due to launch on Friday, July 23rd, for PC and Wednesday, July 28th, on console.

Before any of that happens, however, there’s a patch to apply to the ARPG, which incidentally prepares for the 3.15 expansion by improving the game’s engine. The patch has some technical changes that players will want to take note of as well, such as the introduction of new performance metric graphs, the addition of a gameplay tab to the options menu, a general tidying up of the options menu itself, and the end of the 32-bit client.

source: official forums (1, 2)
It’s live!


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Was kind of hoping they’d stealth-upgrade to POE2 engine….or at least elements of it.

Bryan Correll

I predict that the new league will be The Human League.

Dug From The Earth

New LFG UI/functionality? Nope
New Chat UI/Functionality? Nope

Why they wont improve these 2 simple things is kinda dumbfounding.

Vanquesse V

The entire UI of PoE is in dire need of a major overhaul.
Though I will say that if they reworked the LFG board it would only draw more attention to how poorly PoE handles multiplayer. Both in terms of gameplay and in terms of latency/performance.