Final Fantasy XIV breaks its Steam concurrency record

The metric no one watches that closely went higher!

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Odds are pretty good that even if you’re a Final Fantasy XIV fan, you don’t devote a whole lot of your brainmeat to the game’s Steam concurrency record, since the game exists off of Steam first and foremost. Still, it is interesting to note that the game surpassed its previous concurrency record of 41,000 players by a notable amount, getting up to 48,000 according to Steam Charts tracking concurrency records. It’s doing pretty well for itself, in other words.

What led to the spike during a time period that is otherwise something of a lull for the game? One possible reason is a popular World of Warcraft streamer trying out the game for the first time, although it’s difficult to be certain. Ultimately, Steam player numbers seem to represent at best a small fraction of the game’s players, but the numbers there are definitely increasing, so if you need more indication that this particular game is still turning heads… well, there it is.

Source: Steam Charts via VG24/7
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