MapleStory provides a preview for the upcoming Neo: Light’s Wrath update for July 21


Good news for MapleStory fans, you’ll be able to hang out with Seren some more in the upcoming Neo: Light’s Wrath update scheduled for July 21st. Somewhat worse news, however, is the fact that Seren is showing up as a boss, so your former ally is going to want to pound your face in. That’s perhaps a bit less heartening. But you do get a new Solar Crest skill, so that’s at least some incentive as your beat your former buddy up, right?

Of course, that’s not the only thing coming with the patch. Players will also be exploring the Hotel Arcus with new quests and rewards while the Terra Burning Plus series continues to help players speed their way to level 200. There’s also a creation event for the Zero and Beast Master classes, so if you wanted to make either of those, you’ll have added incentive. You don’t have much longer to wait for the patch itself, of course, but there’s plenty to look forward to when it arrives on the 21st.

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