Dungeons and Dragons Online seeks out a new producer, improves its grouping tool


Seeing as how getting a producer has helped to kickstart communication and organization over at Lord of the Rings Online, SSG apparently figured that it was time to do the same for sister MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online.

The studio posted a new help wanted ad for a DDO producer, saying, “The producer will primarily be responsible for facilitating the day-to-day operations of the DDO development cycle from the planning phases through to live release of each update.”

As that’s going on, DDO is also pushing out Update 50.3 today with some fixes for the Sinster Secret of Saltmarsh “mini-expansion.” One big takeaway from this? Those darned crayfish are getting a big fat nerf. Oh, and also the grouping tool was improved: “The Public Grouping system has received an update! The system now automatically sets the level range to correspond with the level of the content you are running”

And finally, let’s head back to LOTRO for a hot minute to remind you that the speedy Shadowfax progression server unlocked the Mines of Moria expansion yesterday.


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