Black Desert launches Conquest War pre-season, sets Season+ server launch for next week


Conquest War has returned to the world of Black Desert as the pre-season has begun. MMO players will recall that this mode is basically mass territorial PvP.

“Conquest War is a large-scale PvP feature in which guilds compete over territory. The guild that takes over a territory is given dominion and the right to collect an accumulated tax of the area. It is a massive battlefield where hundreds of Adventurers can participate simultaneously using various siege weapons. The Conquest War Pre-Season returns with updates after getting feedback from the participants of the previous season. Running until October 2nd, the second pre-season will no longer have the Liberation concept but ranks guilds according to scores at the end of the battle. Members of the guild that conquer a territory or score highest in the Conquest War will receive 2 billion Silver worth of Gold Bars as well as other special rewards.”

Today’s release is accompanied by the promised upscaling tech for AMD graphics hardware, tweaks to crafting tools in residences, an overhaul of the barter info UI, and clarity for the desert teleporter to Hystria Ruins. The studio has also reiterated that the summer season server will conclude next week on September 15th, to be immediately followed the by the new Season+ server intended to bolster new players to the game.

Meanwhile, console players were also treated to a patch today with the graphics functions, enhancement UI improvements, and the removal of the Altar of Blood.

Source: PC, console

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