Corepunk adds Diablo-style loot piñatas to its gameplay world


If you’ve been craving the sweet-and-salty combination of Orcs and high-tech gadgets, the wait for Corepunk must be agonizing. And while it was a bummer to hear that the studio delayed the closed beta until this December, at least we’re starting to get more communication on this game as we head down that stretch.

Artificial Core showed up on Reddit to post a helpful recap (slash sales pitch) for Corepunk to those who are uninitiated. The studio also shared that it’s shoring up one of the key systems of the gameplay loop, namely loot, which sounds like it’ll be exploding out of mobs Diablo-style.

“We are working extensively on the feeling of combat, as well as on the mobs’ AI,” Artificial Core said. “We really hope that you will like the end results. One of the really cool features which we have wanted to add for a long time (and which has rarely been done in other MMORPGs) is the looting system, in which the loot drops on the ground (like in ARPGs).”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Protobear!
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