Steam preloading for Amazon’s New World has begun



MMO gamers, start your engines: You can now begin downloading New World on Steam ahead of the launch tomorrow. Amazon’s been disapatching Steam codes this morning as well, so if you signed up in the long long ago, make sure you check your email account.

Do note that this is a staggered launch; server-up is 8 a.m. EDT for those of us at the MOP home office, but EU players will be in there while we’re sleeping. Make sure you’ve picked out which of the nearly 200 servers you’ll be on!

Oh, and if you’re not too worried about spoilers and need some New World reading to do while you wait, you could check out this trove of info – or as we like to call it, how to ruin the game for yourself in 100 infographics or less.

Source: Steam
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