Guild Wars 2 teases what looks like the Thief’s End of Dragons elite spec


Alright everyone, got your guessing hats on? Because Guild Wars 2 is at it again with the start of another set of elite specialization teasers. Since the game still has three more specs to talk about, the devs at ArenaNet have put out another teaser image of the next spec due to be unveiled.

Much of the speculation on this new elite spec is that it’s a Thief, and it appears to be wielding a scepter – it certainly looks more like the Thief than the Engineer or Ranger, anyhow, and they’re the only specs left to reveal. The preview image has not only brought up plenty of earnest guessing and the usual internet arguing but come up with some amusing responses, like one player already planning what scepter skin to use and another player making a Sly Cooper reference. Whatever this new spec is, we’ll likely get more details in short order.

While we’re on the subject of GW2 elite specs, make sure to check out our beta impressions of the previously revealed six elite specs as well as some impressions on how the Virtuoso, Harbinger, and Willbender stack up in PvP.

source: Twitter
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