Star Citizen deep-dives alpha 3.15 as players get high and OD enemies with meds


There are a lot of game-changing updates coming to Star Citizen in alpha 3.15, and CIG would like to break it all down for its players with the help of a couple of forum posts that are all about explaining features that are arriving soon.

The first post primarily focuses on the game’s new personal inventory system, which readers will recall was also outlined in-depth in a previous episode of Inside Star Citizen. Nothing in this post is particularly revelatory, all things considered, as it touches on various aspects like setting a home destination, backpacks, ship inventories, and more.

The second post offers up another focuses on features such as spawn closets that will manage the spawning and despawning of enemies and NPCs, which incidentally will also facilitate some new mission objective types like eliminate all enemies, specific enemies, defend an objective, or steal an item. The forum posts also talk about a balance pass to shield variants, the introduction of a server crash recovery feature, and a cinematic missile camera.

All of these are interesting enough, but as is often the case, it’s what players are doing with alpha 3.15’s features that are perhaps the most interesting. For example, players are reportedly using medpens in PvP in order to make targeted foes OD on meds, while another Redditor has shared a video guide on how to get high in-game for free using a med bed. Welcome to the future of sandbox gaming, folks.

sources: official forums (1, 2), Reddit (1, 2)
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