Path of Exile’s Scourge launch sees concurrency numbers near its all-time highest point


When Path of Exile’s Scourge expansion went live this past Friday, we noted how the previous expansion didn’t exactly light fans on fire and lead to lower concurrency numbers for the MMOARPG. It would appear that Grinding Gear Games was paying close attention to those numbers as well, as the studio announced that the Scourge launch saw its player numbers hit a 254,570 player peak, which is 96% of the game’s highest record.

The post goes on to talk about the launch of the expansion overall, calling it a smooth release with the exception of item linking in chat causing crashes for about 10% of players, though that was mitigated by disabling item linking temporarily. Item linking features are expected to be restored with the next realm restart patch.

In the meantime, GGG is taking in feedback from players and planning to make adjustments such as making the transformation progress bar on Scourged items visible at a glance on the Crucibles Panel and making the Blood Crucible’s resource bar more obvious when it’s full. The devs are also preparing to launch Scourge on consoles as well, and there will be another Twitch Rivals esports event coming soon. Overall, it looks like this expansion is doing pretty well.

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