Path of Exile’s Scourge expansion is officially launching this afternoon


If we’re being honest, Path of Exile’s last expansion, Expedition, did not go well: It was widely perceived as a killjoy expansion and saw lower-than-usual player concurrency, even as Grinding Gear Games’ own Chris Wilson paintstakingly explained the studio was trying to work its way out of a powercreep trap with the nerfs. It stands to reason, then, that the followup to Expedition has some work to do to win back the playerbase’s love. That followup is called Scourge, and it officially launches today.

As MOP’s Wandering Wraeclast columnist MJ has already chronicled, Scourge and its concomitant league adds the crucible modification mechanic, new uniques, new gems, new skills, a streamlining revamp of the Atlas, a revamp of passives, improvements to the guild stash, currency stacking, uber versions of old leagues, and gobs more.

Servers are expected back up before 3 p.m. EDT, which is not coincidentally exactly when this post goes live. Have fun in there, folks!


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Mechanic is kinda fun in the first few zones so far, can’t do much but I like that you can trigger it multiple times per zone. The krangled items can be kinda silly, but nothing decent so far.

I’ll be taking this league pretty slow since I’m not hugely invested, but we’ll see how my stormbrand occultist works out. First brand character, and outside of a GARBAGE Herald of Agony occultist I tried to make years ago this is the first time I’ll have really played occultist.