Ship of Heroes showcases trick or treat event ahead of December beta


As the Halloween season draws to a close in MMO land, the devs working on Ship of Heroes would like to take followers out trick or treating. Specifically, they’d like to show you a video of a six-player ToT team, which not only shows off some seasonal fun but a number of new updates to the MMO as well.

The ToT team runs just like fans of COH would expect, but the video in question showcases some new visual effects in terms of battle FX and decorations, some new monsters, and a few new rewards as well. The post associated with the video also talks up the seasonal event that the team is working on, explaining that “magic is more powerful on space than on planets.” It’s just science, people.

The post also provides a quick report on how development is progressing, talking up texturing improvements that increase texture resolution while improving performance and also laying the ground work to a move to Unreal Engine 5. It also notes that a new closed beta event is planned for sometime in December, which will focus on an undisclosed game feature. Details of that beta are expected to be ironed out by the time the game puts out its next newsletter, but for now there’s plenty of Halloween shenanigans to behold in the video below.

sources: press release, official site
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