Guild Wars 2 is running a ‘no downed state’ WvW event

Next year in Lion's Arch.

“Bigger risk, bigger rewards” is the angle Guild Wars 2 is going for with its latest world vs. world event. This is because the event is outright eliminating the game’s signature “downed state,” which gives players low on health a way to struggle back to life. Because this will result in more outright fatalities, ArenaNet is doling out increased rewards during the event.

Bigger risk, bigger rewards: The Guild Wars 2 WvW No Downed State Event has begun,” ArenaNet tweeted. “For the next week, earn bonus XP, reward track progress, and magic find! Oh… and if you die you’ll skip the downed state and go directly to defeated.”

While this certainly shakes things up for a week, some players are delighted for the change of pace — and change of rewards. “Oh man, that sweet, sweet reward-track progress. It’s also stacking with the Extra Life bonus,” one player said on Reddit.

Source: Twitter
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