Final Fantasy XIV’s last pre-Endwalker live letter previews Crystal Conflict, new gathering mechanics, and role quests

So many swords.

The most immediate announcement from last night’s live letter for Final Fantasy XIV was no doubt the surprise Endwalker delay, but there were other topics under discussion as well. For starters, players got their first look at the new small-scale PvP mode, Crystal Conflict, which acts as a tug-of-war between two teams of five as they try to push a crystal into the other side’s base. The new mode also coincides with a new form of PvP reward track, the series, which rewards participation without being a direct competition like seasonal rewards.

Players also got an overview of how gathering will work with the changes made to Perception and the lack of high-quality items obtained by gathering, with Perception now contributing to a chance to increase item yield. There was also reassurance that the new role quests will not be tied directly into the MSQ as they were in Shadowbringers, more details on the lottery system for housing plots, and the continued process of looking into spinning up more housing servers. Check out this summary for an even more exhaustive rundown of the topics covered.

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