Old School RuneScape shares proposed changes to Group Ironman’s storage, teleport shards, and houses


With Group Ironman mode having been out in the wilds of Old School RuneScape for just about two months now, the devs at Jagex are now considering some targeted improvements in response to player feedback.

The post outlines several updates that are being suggested including an expansion of group storage as a reward for completing tasks, the ability to use teleport shards in certain “brutal” encounters to help teams bail if things go pear-shaped, allowing teams to enter a shared player house if the house’s owner isn’t online, and the option to teleport to a group member’s house.

That all said, these are proposals of updates and not set in stone, which is why the devs are asking Group Ironman players to submit their thoughts via the official forums or other means such as the game’s Reddit, Discord, or Steam page. If the above ideas sound good to you, then it might be in your best interest to sound off.

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