Neverwinter previews the Dragonbone Vale adventure zone


The Dragonbone Vale seems like a nice place in Neverwinter, which naturally means that the Cult of the Dragon has set up shop there. You can’t blame them, even evil cults like ample sunlight, nice vistas, and airy spaces to set up their evil rituals. But that also makes it surprisingly difficult to actually¬†reach the Cult of the Dragon, hence why players are going to be given magical grappling hooks to scale the various mountains and cliff faces along the way. It’s all on display in the preview of the eponymous adventure zone on the official site.

Aside from the numerous rock faces to scale, there are also plenty of different landmarks to explore along the way, from the fort of the Quellwater Tarn to the excavation site of the Wyrmbone Marrows. Players will also be charged with protecting supply caravans as they wend their way across the landscape, a task complicated by the aforementioned cultists. Check out the full preview to get a sense of the vale where you’ll be adventuring in the near future.

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