SWG Legends rogue server added 15K new players in 2021, plans Bespin apartments for early 2022


So here’s something I’ve never seen an MMO dev do before: The player-led Star Wars Galaxies rogue server known as SWG Legends just released player data for every single event it ran all year, complete with graphs so you can see what players cared to attend and didn’t. The biggest events? The recent anniversary of the original SWG’s sunset, the haunted maze chunk of Halloween, the Wampa Rampage events, and two summer events: the Cloud City ceasefire and the second part of Execute Order 66. Something tells me we’ll be seeing more of these types of events (and their rewards) in the future.

There are also stats on new account registrations (January was by far the biggest month, followed by May, which birthed the Bespin expansion), totaling over 15,000 new players over the course of the year. And they’ve given a complete breakdown of finances for the entire year; yes, this is a rogue server, but it still costs money to run, close to $17K a year, in fact.

But there’s more than numbers to the end-of-year report, as the player team also announced that it will be taking steps to improve the transparency surrounding the player-elected senate, its attendance, its resolutions, and its voting, along with staff decisions regarding those resolutions and the appointment of a new liaison between staff and senators.

As for the game itself, the team admits that Bespin apartments obviously aren’t making it in by the end of 2021 but are targeted for a “very early 2022 release.” The devs also tease Felucia, Geonosis, and Taanab; turn down an idea for in-game mail attachments; reiterate that they aren’t disabling old accounts or names; hints at more wearables for Ithorians; rejects requests to prioritize solo content.

The next report is slated for March.

Source: SWGL
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