Final Fantasy XIV kicks off All Saints’ Wake on January 20

Clowning around.

After many delays and endless speculation, the Halloween event for Final Fantasy XIV is finally arriving on January 20th. What an absolute clown show. No, that’s not referring to the delays or the wait for the event, but the literal event itself. It’s a clown show. Your reward is to dress up like a clown, complete with clown makeup and a clown suit. You will be marching around in actual clown shoes.

Presumably this will involve evil clowns, although at this point it’s harder to find non-evil clowns in media. Evil clowns are just the default assumption.

Players can also pick up some spooky outdoor pumpkins and a pumpkin-themed indoor vase, excellent for anyone who wants to celebrate Halloween in January or who just want that aesthetic for their virtual living spaces year-round regardless of seasonal affectations. While it might seem odd to be celebrating a holiday that’s now months in the rear view mirror in January, the important thing is that it’s happening very soon, and if you’ve been longing for a chance to clown it up, it should bring you everything you want.

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