Riot Games adds multi-factor auth, a new champion to League of Legends, muted words feature to Valorant


Riot Games is all up in our news business this week, with several headlines coming out of the studio for its multiplayer games. Here’s what we’re looking at:

Multi-factor authentication comes to Riot’s games. Players can now slather on an extra layer of security on their account thanks to multi-factor authentication tools that Riot has recently released. “We know you’ve invested countless hours into your account, and we want to make sure that all of your hard work is protected from potential threats. By enabling MFA, you’ll be protecting your password, payment information and of course your champions and collections,” says the announcement.

Zeri: The Spark of Zaun arrives. An electrifying new champion has arrived to the League of Legends roster. Her name is Zeri: The Spark of Zaun, a character who is described as intended to feel like an FPS character; she even started out her design life as a gun.

Muted words come to Valorant. Speaking of FPS games, Valorant’s most recent update has added the ability for players to add a series of words to a muted list, which will in turn provide data for the game’s devs to use in improving automated chat filtering. The update has also made changes to the Ares weapon and to melee.

Riot sues a Teamfight Tactics “knock-off.” Finally, we close with a brief mention that Riot is filing a lawsuit against Vietnamese studio Imba Network’s I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight, which Riot claims is a “knock-off” of its auto-battler Teamfight Tactics. Riot seeks $150K for each instance of copyright infringement.

Riot Games is considered a controversial company in the gaming world following a 2018 exposé of the sexual discrimination and harassment inherent in what workers described as its “bro culture.” The scandal brought forth accusations against multiple developers and high-ranking executives and ultimately led to a developer labor dispute and walk-out. Former workers and the state of California, which alleged that Riot was refusing to cooperate with its investigation, lodged lawsuits though Riot settled with one victims’ group at the end of 2021 for over $100M.
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