Elite Dangerous Odyssey gets several faction-based adjustments and additional fixes in Update 10


Tenth time’s the charm, as the classic saying goes: Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s hammering out the dents on its PC version continues as the expansion has received its tenth improvement update.

Of particular interest in this update’s patch notes are adjustments to some of the seedier factions in Odyssey. The pirate attack state now has different triggers and makes weapon commodities temporarily legal in most jurisdictions, while criminal factions that control settlements will let players export illegal goods. The black market will also open when a system is in a state of civil unrest, and players can further support a faction by meeting that faction’s commodity market demands.

The vast majority of the update features several more graphics optimizations and stability improvements, as well as a number of issue tracker-submitted updates, fixes for ships and SRVs, and specific settlement improvements. Horizons has also seen a few fixes; it’s all detailed in the patch notes.

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