Lost Ark will keep you crazy busy at the endgame


We are starting to run out of time to prepare ourselves for the coming of Lost Ark, and so it’s that perfect period where fans may elect to cram their heads full of information so as to get the best start possible (or, hey, you may wish to go in completely blind).

As part of this education, Lost Ark sponsored a YouTuber to explain how the PvE endgame is setup in this MMOARPG. Players will start with chaos dungeons, simple instances in which they’ll have to fight off waves of increasingly tougher mobs until the timer runs out. These dungeons pay out in the first tier of endgame gear to help your character get ready for the rest of the endgame activities.

From there, players can go on to engage in Guardian Raids (think Monster Hunter boss fights), the solo Tower (with multiple levels and a time limit), Abyssal Dungeons (tougher versions of regular leveling instances), rotating world events, sailing, and the island stronghold system.

Source: YouTube
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