Old School RuneScape begins beta testing PvP arena rewards and applies its first Poll 76 changes


People should get rewards for slugging one another in the face in Old School RuneScape, and with the game’s latest update, they can do just that. At least they can test the rewards they’ll get for slugging one another in the face. It’s important to make sure the goodies are equal to the experience of face-slugging before they’re released to the general public, you see.

OSRS’ revamped PvP arena will indeed be getting some unique weapon rewards, but players are being asked to enter some beta test worlds, pick up some of these weapons, give them a try, and submit some feedback. Testers should bear in mind that the models and visuals of these weapons are placeholder, so any feedback that mentions the weapons look funny will likely be ignored.

The weekly patch has also started to roll out the first few changes that players voted for in Poll 76, including making the Pharaoh’s Sceptre a one-handed weapon, increasing Favor earned by healing Wounded Shayzien soldiers, and adding new items to the Fishing Guild’s shop. The rest of the update notes outline additional general changes, celebrate the end of Leagues III, and herald the upcoming Temple of the Eye Runecrafting skilling instance.

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