EverQuest II launches 64-bit servers and clients in July, EverQuest unleashes Bristlebane Day


As promised in Daybreak’s roadmap earlier this year, EverQuest II is following in EverQuest’s footsteps and finally upgrading to 64-bit servers and clients. The studio announced that the rollout will begin in July, with a beta starting on March 29th.

“This update is going to allow for the utilization of more of the memory on your computer and on our servers. Currently, no matter how much physical or virtual memory is on your machine, we are limited to using 4GBs of it. With 64-bit clients, we can—in theory—use up to 16 exabytes which will improve stability and address critical performance issues some players have experienced relating to memory. If you have experienced stability issues relating to memory (or even if you haven’t!), we encourage you to join us on Beta starting March 29, 2022.”

The downside is that if you’re playing on an older 32-bit machine, you’re going to be screwed on the day the 64-bit tech releases on the live servers, as your client will no longer function at all. “We recommend making backups of any INI files (or other customizations) in your client directory and upgrading to at least the minimum 64-bit specs before the tentative July launch,” Daybreak says.

Meanwhile, Classic EverQuest just can’t stop kicking off new events. In the midst of Stomples Day and Brew Day, neither of which is limited to just a day, Daybkreak has now begun Bristlebane Day – that’s the season of trickery in honor of April Fools’ day. You’ll be honoring the god of mischief himself smacking people with pies, forcing them to laugh with potions, and scaring them by chucking spiders. Have fun, at least until April 5th, at which point hitting people in the face with pies, potions, and spiders becomes assault.

Source: EQII, EQ
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