The Cycle: Frontier extends its second closed beta test through April 19


As exciting as testing a new game might be, having that ticking counter to the end of the alpha or beta can be a source of anxiety — especially if you haven’t gotten to see or experience all that you wanted. For testers running wild through the PvPvE title The Cycle: Frontier, they’ll be happy to hear that the second closed beta got a mild stay of execution.

Yager Development announced that it is extending The Cycle’s CBT2 through April 19th. This comes after a delay to the start of the closed beta, which was pushed back to March 16th for some last-minute work.

The Cycle recently pushed out Patch 2.1 for the beta, with some adjustments and bug fixes based on player feedback. The studio also compensated all testers with 25,000 K-Marks “for the rocky start.”

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