Palia’s alpha testers break the game by baking pies


As 2022 marches onward, so to does the alpha phase of cozy life sim Palia progress. The first alpha test kicked off earlier this month, and while testers are still under an NDA at this point, Singularity 6 put up a blog post to share some of the activities and testimonies of the players who are putting this title through its paces.

“In just a few short weeks, our players not only skyrocketed our game development forward with thoughtful feedback and crucial bug reports, they also captured the joy and magic of Palia in brand new ways,” the studio said.

Players spent the alpha fishing, foraging flowers, chasing little cute critters, cooking, farming, gliding, and — of course — building cute little homes. In fact, there are several pictures posted that demonstrate the potential of this flexible housing system.

Singularity 6 challenged testers to break the game in different ways, such as producing over a thousand pies before the system said that it was more than full, thank you.

Source: Palia
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