Neon multiplayer shooter Splatoon 3 previews gameplay ahead of September 9 launch


It’s going to be a few months’ worth of waiting, but before you know it, the time to get messy with brightly colored ink will be back for Nintendo Switch fans: Splatoon 3, the sequel to the popular team-based multiplayer shooter, has offered up some new details including a launch date of Friday, September 9th.

The release date was unveiled at the end of a gameplay preview video, which offered a sneak peek at a full match of the classic Turf War game mode where teams battle to cover the map in their colored ink. The video showed off a new map, several weapons, and a number of unique-looking super moves including one where a character turned into an invincible grappling hook-using acrobat and another with the player using a ball-shaped robot.

The game’s official Twitter offered some extra previews in a thread, taking a look at some of the cosmetics players will be able to wear, the new ink-firing stringer bow weapon, and confirmation that the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 is now included in the price of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription plan.

Those who are eager to spray neon ink everywhere will have to settle for the preview video below until September rolls in, and for more Splatoon goodness, make sure to check out our own wishlist of features that we hope is added to the game.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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