Pirate101 talks up new hires, highlights a home decorating contest, and heralds a dev roundtable this week


What’s going on in the world of Pirate101? Not much, but developer KingsIsle is still drawing from the fanbase’s seemingly endless well of patience as it strings people along with its latest monthly newsletter.

The newsletter opens up by nodding in the direction of the last KI Live broadcast, which brought on some of the game’s new hires to talk with fans, specifically two new producers and a new community manager. Readers will recall that before Pirate101 continues with new development in earnest, it needs to push through a lengthy hiring process.

The other major part of the May newsletter is the announcement of a developer roundtable happening on the game’s official Twitch channel this coming Thursday, May 12th, at 5:00 p.m. EDT. YouTuber Senor Spicy will be joined by Ratbeard, Sam Johnson, and Hawkules to discuss various matters about the game, including endgame content ideas and its overall future.

The rest of the newsletter otherwise talks up community things like a spotlighted content creator, community events, and fanart, as well as an official house decoration contest where participants can take on one of six different categories and earn a piece of a 800K Crown prize pool.

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