Guild Wars 2 will release a fix for the Zhaitan legendary skin completion problem on June 7


Yesterday, we reported on a community kerfuffle in Guild Wars 2 all about a step needed to earn Zhaitan variants of legendary weapon skins, which involved players actually needing to fail an open world event in order to get their desired goodies – a fact that was reportedly being used by trolls to make these needed events succeed, thus stopping players from getting the failure they need.

ArenaNet has since put out a short update, noting that the team is aware of the problem and that the steps will change; the collection step will instead require players to either defeat the Risen High Wizard or successfully hold the Gates of Arah. This fixing of the problem is set to land on Tuesday, June 7th, as part of the game’s next patch, so if you’re among those GW2 players who are suffering from success, you just need to hold out a little longer.

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