Here’s how Dungeons and Dragons Online is going to handle its level cap increase


While it’s completely understandable if the sudden abundance of cat hair from the new Tabaxi race has blinded you to a significant development for Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is its upcoming level cap increase. Unlike most MMOs, DDO doesn’t pull out the “bump up the level cap” card too often due to the complexity of how Dungeons & Dragons handles high level play.

In any case, when Isle of Dread releases in late June, it’ll increase the level cap from 30 to 32. This will bring players out of the “epic” range and into a new “legendary” tier. Players will have to run legendary dungeons for associated experience to keep progressing.

There are good incentives to push this high, including a new destiny feat, additional power, and more stat points. Plus, you just know that the new loot will be legendary (actually, it totally will be). “As you adventure through brand-new legendary dungeons, power up with brand new loot tailor-made for your Isle of Dread adventures,” said SSG.

Source: DDO. Thanks DDOCentral!
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