Final Fantasy XI developers talk the game’s 20th anniversary while preparing more reward campaigns

Oh, look, Giddy.

There’s a lot to celebrate when a game hits 20 years of age, and Final Fantasy XI has been celebrating all month. It’s still celebrating with a new interview available on the official PlayStation blog, which makes sense considering the game’s original launch was on the PlayStation 2. Yes, that long ago, and director Yuji Fujito even notes that one of the big challenges in continuing to support the game is that it’s developed using ancient hardware that they determined could not be replaced if it breaks a decade ago. So, you know… they’re trying to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Clearly, it hasn’t broken yet, however; in fact, there’s another set of bonus reward campaigns on the way for the game starting on June 11th, with greater drops from seal/crest battlefields, higher drop rates on seals and crests, special Gobbie Mystery Box dials, and improvements to chocobo digging. You know how it goes if you’ve played the game for a while, with a whole lot of additional rewards for doing stuff you’d be inclined to do otherwise. That’s always fun.

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