Star Wars the Old Republic starts public testing of R-4 Anomaly Operation boss and Manaan daily area


Update 7.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming soon, but first there are a few features that need to be tested by the public. Specifically, the boss waiting at the end of the R-4 Anomaly Operation and the new daily area of Manaan, which both went live to PTS earlier this week.

The Operation boss is known as Lady Dominique, and according to a dev forum post, she’ll be bringing “some wild new mechanics and surprises players haven’t seen in the past.” YouTuber Illeva was given an opportunity to interview some of the devs to discuss the boss’ character design, the fight arena environment, and some of the fight mechanics, which will incidentally involve interactions with the fight location itself.

The current PTS build has had its changelog updated recently and 7.1 itself is noted as entering some of its final testing stages, so those who are eager to help make fighting a big robot lady the best thing possible may want to join in.

sources: official site, official forums (1, 2), YouTube
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