Summer Game Fest 2022: Warframe’s Duviri Paradox, Nightingale teaser, and more


Geoff Keighley’s not-E3 aka Summer Game Fest kicks off today with the live showcase stream, so I hope you’ve set aside a couple of hours to watch ads. I mean trailers. Yeah it’s pretty much ads and trailers.

The event actually continues past the live showcase with multiple developer- and platform-centric streams, including the Xbox/Bethesda showcase and PC Gaming Show on June 12th.

We don’t actually have a whole lot of details on what MMO-specific news we’ll hear today, as not a lot of companies have spilled their beans just yet. One game to keep an eye on is Warframe, which has promised a segment during today’s show, during which Digital Extremes Megan Everett will preview Echoes of the Zariman. Additionally, viewers who link their Twitch accounts to their Warframe accounts will have a chance to claim a free Protea Warframe as a Twitch Drop during the stream. The SGF official account has also teased multiplayer stuff from the likes of SUPER PEOPLE, Fall Guys, and Call of Duty.

In any case, we’ll be updating with anything else interesting from an MMO perspective. The show itself begins at 2 p.m. EDT.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II for you shootery folks.

Fall Guys free-for-all of course is launching June 21st. Saw a little peek of Splatoon 3, too, still launching in September.

Warframe is up! Echoes of the Zariman is indeed live today, but the big news is that we’re getting our first look at The Duviri Paradox, the bulk of which will be revealed at this year’s TennoCon.

Inflexion’s Nightingale dropped a new trailer! “Nightingale is currently in development for Early Access PC release in 2022, with closed beta testing to begin in the coming months.”

“The trailer introduces Realm Cards, Automaton adversaries, and more unique gameplay mechanics that will empower Realmwalkers who venture into Nightingale’s immersive gaslamp fantasy universe.

As showcased in the trailer, Nightingale’s Realm Cards offer players an innovative path to influence their experience as they navigate the mystical portal network. By wielding the magick-infused Realm Cards wisely, intrepid Realmwalkers have the power to determine the specific attributes of each new Faewild world they conjure.

Players are able to craft Realm Cards from resources gathered across the realms, imbuing them with unique attributes – including environment type, weather patterns, resources, challenges, and much more. Card attributes are used in conjunction with Nightingale’s sophisticated procedural generation system, allowing players to create a realm based on the conditions set out, increasing the depth and variety of exploration, discovery, and adventure.

The new gameplay trailer also includes a deeper look at key survival gameplay features, including crafting, estate building, and combat, which players can experience in both solo and co-op play. Finally, the trailer teases the Automatons – a calculating new Fae enemy that Realmwalkers will encounter when adventuring through the realms.”

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