Think you can balance skills in Guild Wars 2? Give it a shot!

This is not that story.

So right now balance in Guild Wars 2 is a contentious issue, due to… well, some community feelings about contentious balance efforts, let’s put it like that. But there’s always the question of whether or not you could actually do better. Good news: Now you can find out if you can balance things better with that_shaman’s new totally accurate balance simulator for the game. Pick your profession and then get to balancing! How many skills can you effectively balance?

Obviously this particular (very silly) project is meant more as a tongue-in-cheek look at balance than anything (if you click on it expecting to finely tune numbers for damage, duration, and so forth, it’s best to disabuse yourself of that notion right now). Still, it’s a fun way to pass the time (especially since the balance game is not the same for every given profession) and it does let you see how well you can balance those skills!

Source: Twitter
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