Actor Bill Nighy shares his insights about High King Emeric in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

HUh. Must be the king.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bill Nighy beyond knowing the name and having the vague sense that he’s a rather important British actor for some reason or another, well, go ahead and look at the man’s acting history. And then get sucked down the usual rabbit hole as you didn’t realize he was in such-and-such a film and discover that he’s actually a Pokemon fan because of acting in Detective Pikachu. Then remember that he’s voicing High King Emeric in the latest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online and listen to his dulcet tones both voicing the character and explaining his understanding of the man’s psychology.

“My character’s internal motivations are good old-fashioned world domination… but also I think he’s a smart and charismatic guy, and therefore fully equipped to express his role as someone who is in a position to perhaps achieve peace and harmony.”

It’s an interesting look behind the scenes, both for seeing behind the screen as well as hearing Nighy talk about Emeric in such warm tones; this is not an actor doing a quick voiceover for a few dollars but an actor who has learned his character and is curious about what makes him tick. Check out the whole video just below and prepare yourself to hear quite a bit of the acting in the High Isle content, although perhaps with a bit more perspective than you had before.

Source: YouTube
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