Warcraft Adventures fan remaster project reaches completion after six years

You really shouldn't have.

Back in the long long ago, there was a Blizzard project titled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, a point-and-click adventure game that explained how Thrall went from his initial state of servitude to being the would-be savior of the orcs still in Azeroth. It was anticipated, then it got shelved over quality concerns. Everyone knows those parts of the story, and a lot of people also are aware that the game got leaked in 2016 in its unfinished state. It was still playable, but… well, let’s just say that the video quality was poor, as expected of a game that was originally planned for release around 1998.

So one fan decided to spend the next six years fixing it.

The Warcraft Adventures Cutscenes Remaster Project has finally released its fully remastered update, with all of the game’s cutscenes made clearer and higher resolution. The creator has also cleaned up art errors and fixed mistakes along the way, resulting in what is doubtlessly the definitive version of this unreleased game. Of course, you need to have grabbed the original version when it was up for download to make use of these remastered cutscenes, but if you’ve long awaited a day when you could play this point-and-click game the way it was meant to be played, that day has come at last. You can see the process in action in a (now three years old) video previewing the progress being made at the time.

Source: WACRP Site via VG24/7
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