Black Desert updates summer events on PC, opens Elvia realm on console, launches a new siege on mobile


It’s a new week and that means a whole bevy of updates for every single version of Black Desert, as the PC, mobile, and console editions of the sandbox MMORPG have gotten a little something new for their players.

We begin with the PC version’s update, which primarily makes a number of tweaks to the mechanics of the various summertime events added last week. The patch has also made another round of class adjustments and added the ability for players to melt down the contents of green gear boxes without having to open said boxes (and thus cluttering up their inventories).

Black Desert on console’s update is a tale of two parts, with the first part outlining the opening of the Elvia Realm monster zone and the second part detailing Blackstar Awakening armor and weapon items. There’s also several bartering updates and a bunch of PvP changes for the Hashashin class.

Finally, BDO Mobile introduced a new siege in the Battlefield of the Sun known as Calpheon Defense. There’s also a new elite guild raid, class changes, and a special GM event happening tonight that lets players smack GMs and CMs with beach balls. In-game, of course.

sources: Black Desert PC site, Black Desert console site (1, 2), Black Desert mobile site (1, 2)
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