Old School RuneScape lauds Tombs of Amascut raid as its ‘most challenging and customizable’ yet


With the Tombs of Amascut raid making its way to Old School RuneScape on August 24th, it likely comes as no surprise that Jagex will be shoveling coal into the hype engine. Case in point, a new press release that talks up the raid’s wide variety of features that make it “the living game’s most challenging and customizable raid to date.”

This customization comes in the form of an invocation system that players can use even before entering the encounter, choosing multiple buff and debuff modifiers that will make each run different. Invocations can be stacked, making for a more challenging raid but also a more rewarding one should players be successful. On top of the invocation system, players can take on the four rooms that make up the Tombs – and the related combat or puzzle challenges – in any order they wish.

On the subject of rewards, this new raid will also offer some of the game’s best in slot items including a powerful two-handed staff, a three-piece set of ranging armor, a magical shield, a ring that has a special attack, and a devastating new one-handed weapon.

source: press release
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