Old School RuneScape outlines another series of tweaks to the Tombs of Amascut


Old School RuneScape’s recently released Tombs of Amascut raid has reportedly been getting a lot of player feedback and requests for adjustments, and while the encounter has seen some changes already, Jagex is sharing details of even more.

The final encounter with the Wardens is seeing a wide variety of adjustments to its second and third phases, tuning down the damage of phase two, reducing exposure to the core, adjusting some of the third phase’s skull mechanics, and slightly toning down the magic damage of the encounter in the third phase among other tweaks. Many of these Warden-specific tweaks are already live.

Next week will see another round of changes including adjustments to mid-raid loot and how it works, fixes for pathing in Zebak’s lair, and a change to when the in-raid timer stops ticking. The post also elaborated on changes to drop rates and shared a few thoughts on why they think the update “missed the mark” by the devs’ own admission.

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