PSA: Dual Universe is offering a free trial Steam demo ahead of its launch


Buying in to a sandbox MMO can always be a risky proposition, especially one that’s got the depth of building tools like Dual Universe does – this article’s header image kind of encapsulates how granular things can get. If you’re the gun-shy sort, then perhaps you’ll be happy to know there’s a free demo on Steam available until Thursday, September 22nd [see update below for clarity on how long the demo is up].

This demo build will be on its own separate server but will otherwise have all of the features of the main game and some benefits like markets full of materials at reduced costs to help players get into the sandbox’s building tools a bit faster. All that’s necessary to play the game is a registered account, which does mean that those who already have an account won’t be able to access the trial, but those players can just make a new account in the meantime.

Those who are looking to peer into what DU is offering before its full launch on September 27th can get a handy-dandy synopsis with screenshots and tips thanks to a helpful Redditor, or you can just leap right in face-first.

sources: Steam, Reddit
Novaquark has now clarified that while the regular servers go offline on the 22nd, the trial/demo server will not, meaning that you’ll be able to continue playing the trial indefinitely in the lead up to launch.
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