The Daily Grind: Are isometric-ish viewpoints in MMOs a turnoff?


When we did our roundtable on the biggest MMORPGs in 2022, I included Albion Online among them, and I stand by that inclusion. Regardless of your opinion of open PvP MMOs, the game is solidly developed, reaches a large audience on PC and mobile, and actually has plenty of nice PvE content.

And yet I suspect that more than anything, the one thing that is holding it back from breaking into everyone’s top five or 10 is its viewpoint. Albion has that pseudo-isometric angled view, and while yes you can zoom in and swirl around and it’s not a true isometric game, it evokes the feeling of being more retro than its mechanics are. And far too many gamers still won’t touch MMOs like that, which has always seemed weird to me when Diablo and Lost Ark thrive.

Are isometric-ish viewpoints in MMOs a turnoff for you?

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