Old School RuneScape gets in on the Fresh Start World experience on October 19

Always ugly.

Do you love Old School RuneScape so much that you want to experience earning everything in the game all over again from scratch? We’re not going to tell you how to have fun with your life, and you’ll get exactly that chance when the game opens up Fresh Start Worlds all over again on October 19th. Make a new character, make it through the tutorial, and then go forth into a fresh start where everyone is kicking off on equal footing.

The plan for the Fresh Start Worlds is for this particular ruleset (which is free-to-play and does not replace existing alternate rulesets) to run for six months, at which time characters will be folded back into the main servers and things like high-score tables will be frozen permanently. It’s thus a time-limited challenge to see how far you can get when starting from zero. If that sounds fun to you, get ready to kick things off on October 19th… although it’s worth noting that the last time Jagex tried something similar, it did have some issues.

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