No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray talks about relaxed mode, consolidating updates, and the progression of the game

Sky, man, something.

It’s been a long and strange journey for No Man’s Sky, going from being insanely overhyped to being seen as a massive disappointment to actually turning things around and improving massively post-launch. This is definitely helped by the fact that the game is now coming to Nintendo Switch this Friday, October 7th, despite the gulf in hardware between the Switch and other platforms. But there’s more going on with the game beyond that, and a new interview with Hello Games’ Sean Murray talks about the game’s new update 4.0 coming to all versions of the game along with that platform launch.

So what does 4.0 include? Well, for one thing, the inventory has been both streamlined and enlarged, so you’ll be able to hold more stuff on both fronts. The developers have also gone through and done their best to integrate the game’s various updates better, so it feels more like a cohesive experience instead of several separate updates stacked atop one another. Players can also enjoy the new relaxed mode, which is much more creative-focused than other gameplay modes but still has the limitations of being a game mode instead of pure creative mode. If you’re still enjoying this strange journey through a sky belonging to no one, check out the interview. Stay tuned for the patch notes on Friday!

Source: PC Gamer
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