Elder Scrolls Online players have made the Firesong DLC free thanks to their efforts in Heroes of High Isle event


Congratulations, Elder Scrolls Online players, you’ve gotten yourselves a free DLC. The end of September saw the MMORPG kick off the community-driven Heroes of High Isle event that unlocked rewards for players depending on how much of a bar they filled, and over this past weekend, all of the rewards were earned – including the free DLC.

Of course, this unlock does require a player to have bought the High Isle expansion to begin with, but those who have can now enjoy Firesong for free when it launches November 1st. In addition, players get an Ascendant Hoard Box and subscribers get an Appleback Salamander pet.

This doesn’t mean that the Heroes of High Isle event is over; it’s actually being extended across all of Tamriel with the Explorer’s Celebration portion that will keep running for two more days every time the new bar is filled by 25%. At the time of this writing, that event bar is at 77%, meaning the event is currently scheduled to end on Monday, October 17th, while High Isle owners have until October 21st to claim their free goodies from the Crown Store.

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