PlanetSide 2 releases an Outfit Wars postmortem, teases November anniversary update


While we’re just finishing up the end of October, PlanetSide 2 developer Rogue Planet Games is both looking ahead to the rest of this year and taking a moment to process the past Outfit Wars event that took place.

On that subject, the shooter’s lead designer calls it a “mixed success”: Players seemed to enjoy the new format, but the first three weeks were marred by performance issues, the mode’s map could use some cleanup, and UI readability and team sorting problems need to be fixed. Even so, the devs believe they have “a solid foundation to build upon for future wars.”

Moving on to what’s next, the game is looking to add a whole bunch of visual polish in the month of November – the game’s 10th anniversary – including TAA and FXAA features to smooth out the jaggies, updated lighting, better reflections, and prettier explosions. There are also plans to implement gameplay improvements, such as a better performing spawn priority system, some balance tweaks, and the promise of a new style of facility capture gameplay “that will change the battlefields of Auraxis forever.”

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